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A concierge service wouldn’t be a concierge service without keeping its finger firmly on the pulse of a city. We pride ourselves on following the capital closely, whether it’s the launch of a new venue, an exclusive event or the travel opportunities it offers. All of the above and more is detailed in our bespoke Innerplace magazine.  

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Restaurant Openings Autumn 2019 13-Sep-19

There’s a duality to September. On one hand it’s slightly disappointing that summer is over, while on the other hand it’s when London is at its busiest. This definitely applies to new restaurants opening their doors. Here are some of our most eagerly anticipated.

Best Restaurants to Eat Caviar 11-Sep-19

Caviar can be one of the most divisive foods in the luxury market. If you’re not accustomed to the taste or the thought of eating fish eggs it may not be for you. Regardless of your stance, there’s no doubt that it is popular within London’s dining scene, with everyone to top-shelf seafood palaces to hipster redoubt in Hackney (who served it with fried chicken) pushing caviar. Below are our favourite places to indulge.

Double Standard - Kings Cross 03-Sep-19

King’s Cross is on the rise, figuratively and, well, literally when it comes to The Standard Hotel, which boasts a lipstick red external lift to shuttle guests up to its as-yet-unlaunched terrace restaurant. There’s a lot to recommend this hotel but we’re starting from the bottom up, visiting its ground floor bar Double Standard, which shares said floor with modern restaurant Isla, a large outdoor drinking terrace, and it just gets weirder from here: a recording studio for interviews and podcasts and a lending library filled strictly with books with 1970s graphics and typography.