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A concierge service wouldn’t be a concierge service without keeping its finger firmly on the pulse of a city. We pride ourselves on following the capital closely, whether it’s the launch of a new venue, an exclusive event or the travel opportunities it offers. All of the above and more is detailed in our bespoke Innerplace magazine.  

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World Cup 15-Jun-18

Every four years something unbearably exciting happens. Outside of Trump losing an American election, the World Cup is by far Britain’s most cherished quadrennial happening. We’ve put together a little list of our favourite venues to watch the tournament.

Black Roe 14-Jun-18

To mark its second birthday and the arrival of summer, Black Roe will be blossoming in style – offering a special Pacific Paradise menu that will showcase a range of the restaurant’s most celebrated delicacies. Come and indulge in an exotic dining experience that takes you through the flavours of Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, Hawaii and beyond; welcomed upon the journey by an exotic cocktail, enjoy a one-off 6 course sensational menu introducing you to the finest tastes of the Pacific Rim, available for a limited time only.

Spiritual Wellbeing at The Mandrake 13-Jun-18

In the rush to stay on top of your career, have a good time and take care of your body, it can be easy to lose track of your mental, holistic health. Slavomir Latko is the Mandrake’s holistic therapist - he offers an original form of integrative body work and sound therapy, combining an ancient form of Hawaiian massage art with sonic acupuncture, sound massage and other techniques during individual and weekly group sessions. He is a qualified practitioner, developing this unique approach over the last decade. Everyone is different, so he works to find the best way to help restore your balance from which you can find strength to achieve your goals. Treatments focus on the soulful nurturing of body and mind with a variety of treatments including Lomi Lomi Nui (full body massage), weekly Gong Baths, Jikiden Reiki and Sound Massage (Cellular Resonance Therapy).