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A concierge service wouldn’t be a concierge service without keeping its finger firmly on the pulse of a city. We pride ourselves on following the capital closely, whether it’s the launch of a new venue, an exclusive event or the travel opportunities it offers. All of the above and more is detailed in our bespoke Innerplace magazine.  

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Latest blog highlights

1251 - Islington 16-Oct-18

James Cochran has been in the news a lot in 2018. Firstly because his former employers trademarked his name so that he couldn’t use it; secondly because he participated in and went through to the Great British Menu banquet; and thirdly because he opened his own restaurant 1251 on Islington’s Upper Street. We popped in on a Saturday for lunch and were lucky enough to experience Mr Cochran’s cooking first hand – and we can see why people are trying to steal his name and voting him through on Great British Menu!

Black Cod & Wagyu - Soho 16-Oct-18

Over the years we’ve covered hundreds if not thousands of restaurant openings and, judging from the frequency, the industry seems to be in rude health. But if you take a look at the amount of closures, it’s quite apparent that it is under siege from a menagerie of unforeseen external influences: rising costs for imports after the pound tumbled; staffing crises; Uber Eats; Deliveroo and a good old-fashioned market correction. At Goodman they’ve been coming up with novel ways to respond – and Black Cod & Wagyu is the most ambitious and delicious to date. They’ve opted to make two of the most coveted menu items available at bargain prices.

Farmer J - City 09-Oct-18

Ethical eating was once the beat of hari krishnas and career environmentalists. Happily, today we’ve all become a bit more mindful of what we eat, whether it’s reducing the amount of meat or animal products that we consume or at least ensuring that the animal had a happy life in an organic environment. Farmer J, a new all-day restaurant on King William Street, shows just how far we’ve come, serving the City’s hardworking denizens vegetable-led food that is “bold but humble; colourful, committed and conscious; real food honestly prepared.”