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A concierge service wouldn’t be a concierge service without keeping its finger firmly on the pulse of a city. We pride ourselves on following the capital closely, whether it’s the launch of a new venue, an exclusive event or the travel opportunities it offers. All of the above and more is detailed in our bespoke Innerplace magazine.  

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Latest blog highlights

ULI - Notting Hill 19-Dec-18

With the rise of regional Asian cuisines, pan-Asian has slipped slightly out of fashion, but there are still a number of outliers doing very well. ULI in Notting Hill is one of them. Rather than creating a mish-mash of various countries’ cooking they have painstakingly curated a selection of dishes from the Chinese, Thai, Malay and Singaporean disciplines. And with the addition of a robata grill they look well situated to feed west London for years to come.

Senate Room at the Royal Academy - Mayfair 19-Dec-18

Dining at an art museum doesn’t always inspire the same awe as the artwork inside of it. It can often feel a bit too convenient, as if it’s playing second fiddle to the museum itself. However, some places put in the requisite investment of time and effort to pull off a masterstroke, a restaurant that complements the museum in which it’s situated. We were wondering which category the Senate Room at the Royal Academy would fall into during our visit…

Kinilaw & Buko - Shoreditch 19-Dec-18

If you keep your ear to the ground and pay attention to industry trends, you’ll surely have heard of the burgeoning Filipino foodie scene in London. Long celebrated in the US, it’s starting to get a foothold in Britain, and one of the latest launches to stir the pot is Kinilaw & Buko. Opened at 100 Hoxton Street by chef Francis Puyat, he’s created a menu that pays homage to the home-style cooking of his native country.