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A concierge service wouldn’t be a concierge service without keeping its finger firmly on the pulse of a city. We pride ourselves on following the capital closely, whether it’s the launch of a new venue, an exclusive event or the travel opportunities it offers. All of the above and more is detailed in our bespoke Innerplace magazine.  

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Latest blog highlights

Terra Terra 07-Jan-20

We went off piste again this week and popped into Terra Terra, a new restaurant that has popped up on Finchley Road in north London. Operating all day, it caters to commuters in the morning with a breakfast offering before segueing into a classically Italian dinner menu. We nipped behind the slick black façade on a breezy December evening to investigate.

Locket’s - St James’s 03-Jan-20

Wiltons is one of our go-to classic restaurants in London. In fact, it’s been trading for a cool 278 years, with its sister restaurant Franco’s operating for over 70. Luckily for us, they’ve opted to open another spot for the new millennium – Locket’s – which has launched on Smithson Plaza on the site that used to house the Economist headquarters. It’s been undertaken by Locket Hambro, great-granddaughter of Wiltons founder Olaf Hambro. Serving as an all-day café during the day offering breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea, Locket’s segues into a swanky wine bar in the evenings. We were lucky enough to drop in and sample both.

Volta Do Mar - Covent Garden 18-Dec-19

Portugal in general and its cuisine in particular has been having a moment in the sun, with chefs and tourists alike flocking to Lisbon, Porto and the Algarve to mine for inspiration. The latest Portuguese restaurant to arrive in London has been launched by husband and wife couple Simon Mullins and Isabel Almeida da Silva. The Salt Yard co-founder is excited to bring the rich culinary tradition with its global influences to Covent Garden, drawing on locations such as Angola, Goa, Mozambique, Brazil, Macau and beyond.