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Bodhimaya, London

Award-Winning Luxury Detox Retreats & Harley Street Nutrition and Wellness Clinic

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Address : 10 Harley Street , London, W1G 9PF, UNITED KINGDOM - Directions
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  • Bodhimaya  one of Innerplace's exclusive Spas VIP Venues & Luxury Lifestyle venues in London
  • Bodhimaya  one of Innerplace's exclusive Spas VIP Venues & Luxury Lifestyle venues in London
  • Bodhimaya  one of Innerplace's exclusive Spas VIP Venues & Luxury Lifestyle venues in London

If you're like us, you're probably a little ashamed of the gluttony that took place over the holidays. As such, we're very happy to introduce Innerplace members to Bodhimaya, a service devoted to improving your health and well-being with custom-tailored programmes aimed at revivifying the mind and body through a solid foundation of science-based nutrition coupled with eastern philosophy, yoga and meditation. If you (for some reason) want to take a little break from hitting the clubs, destress and get healthy, Bodhimaya is just the ticket.

Founded by the O'Shaughnessy Brothers - Daniel and Cornelius - Bodhimaya puts their experience in applied nutrition, nutritional therapy and eastern philosophy and meditation to use with a multi-faceted approach to wellness that includes programmes at their Harley Street clinic and Marylebone as well as retreats in Provence and West Sussex.

At the Harley Street clinic, Bodhimaya offers a Bodhigen programme, which uses nutrigenomics and epigenetics to offer insights into the most meaningful and effective dietary, supplementation and lifestyle recommendations for your body. While other tests only look at your genes , BodhiGen is the only test which looks at actual gene expression as well as diet, environment, present health, past health, family history and other factors, all of which are the most important factors in the development of illness and disease. Without a focus on these factors genetic analysis can be misleading, provide inaccurate analysis and give ineffective recommendations.

Also available at Harley Street, Bodhimaya offers a Mind Meditation Interview with Cornelius, in which he will talk you about your stress levels, focus on how to resolve issues, increase confidence and find clarity. The approach is more professional and logical than spiritual, describing how the brain functions. We walked out of the session feeling like we'd just spoken with Wendy Rhoades from Billions!

The retreat detox programs draw from the ancient teachings of the East, combining yoga and meditation alongside personal consultations, nutrition advice, massages and various other treatments. Minutely researched care and attention at every step of the way ensure that every client gets the most out of this holistic retreat, and the subsequent effect on the body and mind is profound.

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