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Ametsa - Knightsbridge, London

Nouveau Basque cuisine in the Halkin Hotel

Category : Restaurant Cuisine : Spanish
Address : 5-6 Halkin Street, x, Knightsbridge, London, SW1X 7DJ, UNITED KINGDOM - Directions
Web :
Opening Times : Tue-Fri 12pm-2pm, Sat 12.30pm-2pm & Mon-Sat 6.30pm-10pm
Closest Tube : Knightsbridge

  • Ametsa  one of Innerplace's exclusive restaurants in London
  • Ametsa  one of Innerplace's exclusive restaurants in London
  • Ametsa  one of Innerplace's exclusive restaurants in London
  • Ametsa  one of Innerplace's exclusive restaurants in London

While New York may claim superiority in attracting internationals from their 'teeming shores', we put it forward that London is the prime destination for top class restaurateurs looking to bring a bit of their native talent to a new populace. Case in point? Elena Arzak Espina. Famed for her culinary wizardry and championing New Basque Cuisine, Elena was voted Veuve Clicquot's World's Best Female Chef in 2013. Alongside her father Juan Mari Arzak, she also holds three Michelin stars for the original Arzak restaurant in San Sebastian Spain, which was touted as the eighth best by S. Pellegrino in the 2013 World's 50 Best Restaurants. And for good reason. The father-daughter duo has managed to tease out the essence of the Basque region with contemporary techniques, providing various perspectives on ingredients and gastronomical traditions simultaneously, which has inspired culinary pilgrimages to San Sebastian by gourmands and chefs alike. Luckily for Londoners, they've decided to export this experience to the heart of Belgravia, and its name is Ametsa with Arzak Instruction.

Located in The Halkin by COMO, which formerly housed destination restaurant Nahm, the restaurant is tucked away from Halkin Street alongside a verdant green square on the northern side of the hotel. Ametsa translates as dream, and there is a sort of otherworldly ambiance permeating the dining room. Designed by AB Rogers, the room draws inspiration by the rawness of Arzak and the tranquillity of The Halkin's Belgravia location, as well as the ocean. Seven thousand glass tubes are suspended from the ceiling, meticulously organised so as to mimic the oscillation of a wave, creating a spectacular canopy that rivets the attention. Each receptacle contains one of ten vibrantly coloured spices favoured in Arzak's kitchen. They run the spectrum from muted yellow mustard to a fiery red paprika. It lends the room a sense of movement, and seems to underline the inherent dynamism of the restaurant. 

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